Custom programs are available for university, college, and high school groups. We offer two types of ESL custom programs for international students:

Cultural Enrichment Program

Our English as a Second Language (ESL) Cultural Enrichment Program is for university, college, and high school groups. The program combines morning ESL classes with enriching, uniquely Canadian socio-cultural experiences in the afternoons. We work with you to create a customized learning curriculum based on your group’s specific language needs and skill levels, focusing on basic grammar and conversational skills.

In addition, our custom team also works with you to help choose the cultural activities your students participate in. These activities generally include day trips, visits to local attractions, and more.

Cultural Enrichment Program + Specialized Area of Your Choice

We believe one of the best ways to maximize students’ English language skills is to combine language training with practical project work that relates to their career or academic goals. This approach also enhances the student’s future academic and career options.

In light of this, we can add a specialty study component to the program. This component typically focusses on an area chosen by you or your students. In the past, we have offered Leadership as an area of study, but we can offer much more, including business communication, sustainability, and marketing, to name a few.

Sample Schedule

See what a typical ESL Cultural Enrichment Schedule could look like.

General Program Overview

While program specifics will vary from client to client (it’s a custom program, after all), a typical ESL Custom program typically involves:

  • ESL Instruction in the Morning

    English language courses take place in the morning, and the emphasis is placed on practical daily English and developing the students’ confidence in speaking English in everyday situations.

  • Activities/Projects in the Afternoon

    Afternoons are generally dedicated to socio-cultural activities and day trips or, if you have opted to include a specialty study component in the program, the afternoons can also be spent developing critical thinking, problem-solving and teamwork abilities through facilitated workshops and student-led team projects.

General Program Details

Since the program is customized to your needs, details might vary. Typically, however, the following guidelines apply:

  • Age Range of Participants: 14 and above
  • Location: Vancouver and North Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Duration: 2 to 3 weeks (Start date: typically late June)
  • Class Size: 15 - 20 students per cohort, divided by English ability (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • Hours of ESL instruction: 12 - 15 hours per week
  • Hours of Specialty Study: 12 - 15 hours per week
  • Accommodations: Optional homestay, single occupancy, 3 meals/day. CapU residences are also an option.
  • Airport Pick-up: Optional with Homestay

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