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Continuing Studies at Capilano University offers noncredit courses for adult learners that are timely, useful, and above all—usable.

Our courses in Arts, Business, and Technology are designed specifically to ensure you gain skills that let you stay ahead of the runaway pace of today’s ever-changing world.

The focus is on real-world experience, starting with our instructors

Our courses are practical in nature, and are designed so that you can put the skills and knowledge you learn to use immediately.

This emphasis on hands-on learning is a big reason why our instructors are working professionals who are leaders in their field. Their work experience lets them bring real-world insight into the curriculum.

As a result, you leave with a better understanding of how to more effectively introduce your new skills into the workplace.

Lifelong learning that fits your life: Noncredit courses means we’re flexible

We’re betting you’re busy. That’s why our courses are noncredit. What does that mean, exactly? Generally, it means that since the course is not tied to a degree, which can often take years to complete, you can skill up faster and acquire the specialized skills you—and employers—need now.

Designed to run only a few hours once a week (usually in the evening) and on weekends, our noncredit courses fit into virtually any schedule.

A university education without the university time commitment: Completing a program at Continuing Studies

University degrees are great. They demonstrate an important accomplishment as well as earned expertise in a particular area.

In today’s fast-moving world, however, where specialized skills are in immediate demand and need to constantly evolve, the length of time required to earn a degree doesn’t always make them feasible for working adults.

More often than not, skills need to be acquired and put to use quickly. That’s why we offer three different programs you can earn by taking noncredit courses.

They’re designed to let you skill up fast, and you can choose the one that’s right for you:

  • Seal of Proficiency: Our most flexible option, requiring only three courses (or 45 hours) to complete.
  • Award of Achievement: A midrange option, requiring only four to seven courses (60 – 105 hours) to complete.
  • Certificate of Completion: Our most comprehensive option, requiring 10 courses (150 hours) to complete.

For more details on the above options, visit Programs.

Serious Fun Summer Camps: True lifelong learning includes eight-year-olds

Lifelong learning isn’t just for adults (otherwise why would it be called lifelong learning?) We believe everyone should get a smart start, and that’s the thinking behind our Serious Fun summer camps.

Combining a university setting with the fun of a summer camp makes learning enjoyable and meaningful. Our Serious Fun summer camps are for kids and teens aged eight to eighteen and usually begin in late June.

Custom Training

We deliver two types of custom training: one for organizations seeking to train a team, and one for English as a Second Language training (ESL) for international students.

Training for organizations is ideal if you need to address a skill or knowledge gap at your firm, and are seeking an educational solution catered to your team.

There are three levels of customization you can choose from, which means we can provide a solution for any level of your organization.

Our ESL International custom program delivers English language training combined with a Canadian cultural experience. The program can be customized to include a specialty study area, such as leadership, for example.

Online Courses

We offer several online courses and programs. There are two models we use: a cohort-based one and a self-paced one. 

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