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Learn basic Photoshop skills and improve your workflow with an overview of essential tools and techniques.

Topics include resizing and cropping images, creating and editing selections, combining images with layers, adjusting colours, basic retouching, and working with type to add text to images.

Resolution and file formats will also be discussed. Advanced topics, including adjustment layers and layer masks, are briefly demonstrated. Time will be provided to work on personal photos.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Recognize the navigational workspace including menu, tools, panels, and viewing options
  • Resize, crop, and optimize images and resolution for print and web
  • Perform basic lighting and colour corrections on photos including adjustment layers and masks
  • Perform basic editing and retouching on images
  • Create composite layered images for web or print
  • Work with colour, grid layout, and type
  • Use basic keyboard shortcuts



Module 1: Introduction to Photoshop Tools

Module 2: Colour and Lighting Adjustments

Module 3: Introduction to Layers

Module 4: Introduction to Photo Retouching

Module 5: Introduction to layer Masks

Module 6: Working with Type, Grid Layout and Layers


Evaluation Method



Good computer skills including file and folder management, and working with file formats and shared network drives and/or Dropbox.

Familiarity with keyboard shortcuts (copy and paste) and be able to work with computers without having to struggle to find keys on the keyboard or work with a mouse.

Basic photography experience is an asset, but not required.

Required Materials

  • Please note you will need a subscription to Adobe Photoshop for the duration of the course.

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