This course provides you with the tools and resources to recognize musical elements; for example, what rhythm pattern a song has, where the melodic outline is going, or what kind of harmony a music piece has. You will also differentiate a variety of genres and styles and will be able to explain what is happening in a musical piece. Approaching music from different perspectives (historical, sociological, philosophical and even physical!) you will develop a basic but thorough understanding of how music works, as well as how to understand and appreciate it better. You'll also discover different cultures, societies and people starting from their music. Immerse yourself in the active and creative process of music appreciation and at the end of this course, you will become the guide in this musical tour!

This is a face‐to‐face course with 5 sessions and 2 hours per session. Total course commitment 10 hours.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Determine what music is from different perspectives
  • Recognize different musical history periods
  • Differentiate music cultures, music genres and musical instruments
  • Analyze music examples and recognize their music elements, genre, style, origin, and time
  • Describe a musical piece from top to bottom


Module 1: Music Everywhere

Module 2: Music Theory 101

Module 3: The Briefest History of Music

Module 4: Music and Decolonization

Module 5: Music Guided Tour

Evaluation Method



  • No musical experience necessary

Required Materials

  • A mobile device/cell phone with recording/playing capabilities

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