The following courses are available to you if you select Option 1 - Express Package or Option 2 - Precision Package.

In Option 1, the courses are taken as is. In Option 2, the courses can be customized with additional learning materials that speak to your specific needs, such as case studies, articles, online resources, and more. Find more information about our options.

These courses can be taken individually or applied toward a Seal of Proficiency, Awards of Achievement, or Certificates of Completion:

Comprehensive Package

If you select Option 3—the Comprehensive package—we can create new workshops, courses, and programs in a wide range of topic areas. That means we can put together a training solution for virtually every level of your organization, from front-line staff to the c-suite.

Don’t see the course you're looking for?

If there is a course that doesn’t appear on this list, refer to our open-enrolment offerings, as some of those can be converted into a custom training course.

If the particular topic area you’re looking for doesn’t appear in our open-enrolment offerings, send us a quick email. Chances are we’ve run a course in that area before, but it isn’t being offered this particular term.


Pricing is based on the Option you select and the courses you choose.

  • Option 1 - Express Package:
    These courses are normally priced at a 15-student level—if you send > 15 students (usual course max is 20 students), then those extra students are free (you only pay for 15 students at the regular course price).
  • Option 2 - Precision Package:
    These courses are a little more expensive due to the additional materials you’ve selected to tailor the curriculum to your situation, but still give you great value, since the curriculum is not being created from scratch.
  • Option 3 - Comprehensive Package:
    These courses are specifically designed to meet the needs of your organization, so it tends to be the most expensive option.

For more information or to request a quote:

If you would like to know more about how we can build a custom training solution for your team, please submit one of the forms below:


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