Continuing Studies offers online courses that are learner-focused, provide individualized feedback on learning, and are flexible. "When" and "Where" is up to you - all you need is an internet connection.

We offer three types of online courses: Cohort-based, Self-paced and Live. Look for the type of online course in the course description.

Please visit our FAQs page for more information about online courses.


Cohort-based courses are taken with a group of learners – your classmates. You collaborate, share your experience and understanding, and provide one another feedback on projects. It’s a great way to network.

An instructor facilitates your progress through the content, makes sure everyone is on track, and moderates the discussions. This person is an expert in the field who will share their experience and provide feedback on assignments where you apply what you learned.

Each week, you will have tasks, readings, and assignments to complete, to ensure that you and your peers move through the course at the same pace. These courses begin and end on specific dates. For this reason, they are not as flexible as self-paced courses, but they are much more interactive. You are part of a community of learners trying to make sense of new knowledge and skills.

If this is a new format for you, fear not! Each course begins with an orientation to the platform, expectations, and peers.


Self-paced courses are more flexible because you can begin them whenever you want. You generally gain access to the course within a few days of registering. You then proceed with the course at your own pace, reading materials, watching videos, and answering quizzes.

There are no classmates in a self-paced course, but you have access to a mentor, who is an expert in the field. Mentors can answer your questions and provide feedback on assignments. Assignments let you put what you learn into practice.

Flexible, fun and fulfilling, our online courses give you the confidence that comes with working alongside a masterful expert in the field, so that you can immediately start applying what you have learned.


Live courses are real-time courses where you meet with your instructor and peers at scheduled times, via a web conferencing tool such as Zoom. Learners and instructors exchange information and experiences in this virtual classroom setting. For this reason, you must be available when the live course takes place. Course schedules will be available prior to registration, and you will be emailed login information a few days before the course. Participation in live courses requires a computer, webcam, headset, microphone, and high-speed internet access.



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