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Studio photography gives you plenty of control over your shots, but to take advantage of that control, you need to know how to harness specialized equipment, techniques, and knowledge. This course provides you with that knowledge.

In addition to learning how to set up a home studio and use three-point lighting, you discover how to plan for and stage a shot, how to enhance the story appeal of the photo, and how to alter your approach for different situations, including family portraits, food, and product photography, or even if you want to use the photo for a website or social media channels.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Photograph objects using appropriate lighting and point of view
  • Practice the skills of photography of food and other objects, including those that are challenging or complicated
  • Describe the components of setting up a home studio with artificial lighting such as three-point lighting and other techniques
  • Explain the advantages of different lighting and lighting styles for portraits
  • Select appropriate settings to make images suitable for distribution on a website or on social media
  • Explain and apply artistic and key technical rules of good design to improve the visual appeal of their images
  • Apply techniques to shoot and process images on their smartphone


Module 1: Introduction to Studio Work

Module 2: Photographing Challenging Objects and Setting up a Home Studio

Module 3: Food photography

Module 4: Photography of Objects and Human

Module 5: Post-Production - Your Final Product


Evaluation Method


Required Materials

  • Learners must bring their own digital SLR camera
  • Learners must have the ability to upload digital image files to an online drive (Google Drive)

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