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We all negotiate every day. And even though negotiations are an integral part of our lives, techniques for managing these situations are not instinctive, they must be learned. Understanding key concepts such as the ‘best alternative to no agreement’, reservation price, and the ‘zone of possible agreement’ can help you conduct a successful negotiation. And since power is a fundamental dynamic in negotiations, it is important for negotiators to have a basic understanding of ways they can exert and also gain power in a discussion. This course should be an essential part of any basic business and management training.

Average weekly commitment: 3+ hours. Total course commitment: 15+ hours.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Explain the differences between principled negotiation, distributive negotiation, integrative negotiation and mixed motive negotiation.
  • Discuss what BATNA is and why it is important within the context of a negotiation.
  • Describe the concepts of reservation price and ZOPA, as well as how they relate to one another in a negotiation.
  • Describe the steps that should be taken to plan for a negotiation.
  • Explain the ways that power can be used in a negotiation, and how power can be gained from different sources.
  • Identify different behaviors which can pose challenges to a negotiation and may cause impasses.
  • Apply the concepts of negotiation real-world scenarios.


Module 1: Preparation and Planning

Module 2: Definition of Ground Rules

Module 3: Clarification and Justification

Module 4: Bargaining and Problem Solving

Module 5: Closure and Implementation


Evaluation Method



  • Basic keyboarding capability
  • Basic internet navigation skills
  • Basic file management knowledge

Required Materials

  • High-speed internet (at least 25 Mbps download speed) – click here for more information
  • Windows computer running MS Excel 2013, 2016 or Office 365 (desktop or laptop)


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