Here’s a step-by-step overview of how our most complete customization option works:

  1. Dialogue:

    We meet with you to get an understanding of your organization’s current situation, your corporate culture, and the opportunities and challenges you currently face.

  2. Discover:

    After the initial meeting, we evaluate skill and knowledge gaps, usually through conducting a 180- or 360-degree competency assessment, as well as interviews and surveys.
  3. Define:

    Using the data collected in steps one and two, we drill down into the details of the critical challenges your organization faces, and help determine learning outcomes that are pertinent to your specific situation.

  4. Design:

    Armed with insight gleaned from researching the collected data, we develop training programs, courses, or modules that address the learning outcomes that were determined in step three.
  5. Deliver:

    Our instructors facilitate the workshops, seminars, and programs. These can be delivered at Capilano University, your organization, or another location of your choosing.

  6. Debrief:

    Upon completion of the program, workshop, or course, we conduct detailed evaluations to measure the success of the initiative.

For more information or to request a quote:

Email us to discuss how we can build a comprehensive training solution for your team.

Alternatively, send a Request a Quote form by providing some information about your specific needs.


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