For ages: 11 - 14

What do you think you would need to survive a year-long journey to Mars? What would you take with you? When you’re traveling through space--billions of kilometers from home--survival takes thorough planning and a deep understanding of the complex systems on Earth that keep us alive. In this camp, you’ll learn about the life-supporting systems on Earth, including photosynthesis and the water cycle, and will design games and projects that reflect these systems. You'll also discover the importance of resource management, and will have to figure out what to do when Matt Damon shows up on your compound demanding potatoes. We’re kidding, of course. Matt Damon doesn’t live on Mars. We’re not even sure if he likes potatoes! But Matt Damon or not, this camp is a fun way to learn about survival in space while designing games using Unity 3D, the software of choice for game developers around the world!

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