For ages: 11 - 14

Astronomers recently (early April 2017 to be exact) announced the discovery of the Trappist-1 system.

This system is not an attempt by Trappist monks to count cards and win big at Vegas. Trappist-1 is a star system that contains seven “earth-like” planets, only 40 light-years away. Can aliens really be that close? Are they friendly? Will they invade and enslave us?

In this game design camp, you learn about the physics of space travel, engineer extraterrestrial ecosystems, design alien worlds, and hopefully gain some insight into how to develop a planetary defense grid. By creating board games, outdoor games, and, of course, video games, you examine the fundamental principles of game design from a curriculum developed by game artists and engineers.

You’ll also learn how to use Unity3D, the software of choice for game developers around the world.

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