For ages: 8 - 10

It wasn’t long ago--2017 in fact—that astronomers discovered the Trappist-1 system and its seven “Earth-like” planets, only 40 light years away. That’s pretty close. Probably only two days’ journey if you have a Mark XVI plasma drive with time-diffusion pulsar injectors. But we digress. In this action-packed game design camp, you’ll learn about space travel, create extraterrestrial ecosystems and design alien worlds. You’ll also create board games, outdoor games and, of course, video games. This approach will let you explore the key principles of game design from a variety of perspectives. You’ll also learn how to use Unity3D, the software of choice for game developers around the world. Trappist-1 may be light years away, but after this camp you will have created a piece of it on Earth.


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Monday to Friday 9 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.

Total sessions 5

Course Reference Number (CRN) 92064

Instructor Daniel Roizman


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