Online: Cohort-Based

This is a one-week (30 hours) elective course specializing in compositing using Toon Boom Harmony. Participants will learn to take existing animated characters, props, environments (backgrounds) and then add shadows, lighting and hand-drawn effects to composite and render final image sequences.

The course will be delivered in the Online: Cohort-Based format with daily live check-ins.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Execute 2D FX work (explosions, water, sparkles) and add post effects (glows, particles, simulations)
  • Apply overall frame or colour adjustments to final images
  • Create a comp of a scene using production assets
  • Compose shots and understand design principles
  • Integrate all layers of animation, environment, lighting and FX to create final shots
  • Employ a variety of common software visual effects processes and terms (glow, blur, colour keying)
  • Perform 2DFX compositing
  • Light and add depth maps to characters
  • Apply hand-drawn and procedural shadows
  • Use rim lights for day and night character and environment lighting
  • Understand basic lighting and how shadows work

Evaluation Method



See program page for overview of required skills and experience

Required Materials

See program page for overview of required software/hardware, etc.

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