For ages: 12 - 17

The CapU Digital Media & Innovation (DMI) Boot Camp focuses on developing and nurturing your curiosity, imagination, and collaborative skills.

We do this through real-world projects, which tap into your creativity and motivation by letting you create your own unique projects and learning plans within your chosen stream, all under the guidance of our experienced instructors.

How does the Boot Camp work?

You and your team will work on a project within your chosen stream. You integrate your knowledge of media design and technology to create video games, animations, short films, audio recordings, special effects, digital art and designs, and more!

Our experienced teachers guide you as you build your learning and project plan and work through the learning tools and creative process. On the last day of camp, you showcase your project during a show-and-tell party for family and friends.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Hands-on experience with latest digital technology ensures your skill-sets are up to date and in demand 
  • Emphasis on creativity and problem solving means you don’t just learn to use tools, you learn to harness ideas and turn them into reality
  • Inquiry-based, self-directed learning format puts you in charge of your ideas
  • Group learning environment develops confidence, communication and collaborative skills, not to mention new friends!
  • Relevant, real-world curriculum combined with a focus on creative aptitude and problem-solving skills prepares you for college and university programs. Or to become a super-villain, if university isn’t part of your plans
  • Field trips gives you firsthand exposure to real-world industry leaders and world-class facilities such as the Bosa Centre for Film and Animation
  • Exceptional teaching, expertise and experience. The CapU DMI Boot Camp is led by experienced and passionate teachers – one of whom has won the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence

You may choose among six streams. You select which stream you’d like to join on the first day of camp. Each stream covers different aspects of digital media technology:


Stream 1:

Game Design & Virtual Reality

Design a video game with Vive Virtual Reality and Unreal Engine. Learn and use basic coding, physics and game design theory and take home your own game executable.

Stream 2:

3D Modelling, Printing & Design

Experiment with character modelling using Mudbox and create a Marvel character. Then print your creation on our 3D printers and finish it off with airbrush painting so it looks awesome when you take it home.

Stream 3:

Sound Recording and Mixing

Experiment with voice recording, sound principles and mixing. Create your own sound production files (or remix for music, games or film) that you can take home.

Stream 4:

Photography & Photo Editing

Master camera use, composition lighting and different styles of photography. Then learn how to use Photoshop and digital editing and printing techniques for great results. Take home five high-quality prints for your portfolio.

Stream 5:

Film and Visual Effects

Go through the filmmaking process of pre-production (script writing, storyboarding, shot lists), production (camera and lighting, shot types, make-up, green screen and sound), and post-production (editing and visual effects). You get to take home all your video project files.

Stream 6:

Graphic Design and Digital Art

Learn design principles and processes using tools from Adobe Creative Suite such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Take home a t-shirt and a full-colour printout or poster of your designs.

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