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Big Ideas meet Big Fun

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Serious Fun embraces the STEM approach

What happens when you combine a university with a camp? Serious fun, that’s what. And while we put a heavy emphasis on fun, we put an even heavier one on meaningful learning. That’s why many of our camps are based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

From coding and robotics to chemistry, hardware design and engineering, we have camps that prepare kids and teens for the technologies of tomorrow. And, because we believe there’s more to tomorrow than technology, we also have camps that equip kids with creative and critical thinking skills, such as drama, drawing and photography, to name only a few.


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Serious Fun camps take STEM to the next level

A curriculum based on STEM (Science, Teaching, Engineering, and Mathematics) is a natural fit for our Serious Fun summer camps. We thoroughly believe in the importance of learning these disciplines, which campers will do in an interdisciplinary manner based on real-world applications.

It’s an ideal approach to preparing the young minds of today for future challenges. And, some of our camps—such as Video Game Design—add an arts component to the mix, turning STEM into STEAM.

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Benefits of STEM include:

Helps students stay current and prepares them for the future

Technology is constantly changing. A STEM curriculum increases the student’s technology comfort level, making it easier for them to learn and adapt to new scientific and technological developments.

Secures students’ career success

There is a high demand for STEM occupations and this demand shows no signs of slowing down. Anyone with a grounding in STEM will be better positioned to pursue more opportunities in the future.

Teaches problem-solving skills through project-based learning

A STEM education encourages students to solve problems by using their critical thinking skills in a project-based setting. Students examine the problem and then develop a concrete plan to solve it.

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Benefits of STEAM include:

Promotes creativity

Technical knowledge is vitally important, but so is creative problem solving, which is why it’s such a sought-after skill. STEAM adds a new level of creativity, and inspires open-ended, adaptive critical thinking.

Ideal for soft skills

STEAM encourages collaboration through group work, and develops the soft skills that so many careers demand and many students lack — skills such as communication, empathy and teamwork.




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